9/16/13 Fishing Report, A Day on the water with Spencer making his wish come true.


Friday I had the opportunity to take 12 year old Spencer out to try and catch him his first musky. The day started out cold and foggy, I gave Spencer a rod with a small surface bait on it, Spencer started casting it like a pro, as he was casting I set out a couple of suckers on quick strikes to give Spencer a better chance at landing a fish. After about 15 minutes a good sized Musky blows up on the surface bait that he was throwing but no hooks into the fish. About 20 minutes later we hear the clicker on one of the sucker rods screaming. After an good hook set Spencer fights the mid 40’s inch fish all the way to the boat, we were just able to see the fish and the hooks pulled out. What a heartbreaker, but Spencer being the man that he is looks at the good and that he got to fight the fish for a long time before it came off.

So Spencer casts on and after 3 more hours of casting I hear him yell fish!, I look over and Spencer has a 30 inch Musky on that hit right at boat side, after a short fight I scooped it up for him and snapped some pictures. We quickly released the fish and Spencer went on casting. This time 3 cast later I hear Spencer yell fish and then after an explosion of water I see a nice sized Musky with Spencer’s Rizzo Wiz hooked perfectly in the corner of the mouth. I had Spencer using a 7’11 inch extra heavy Tooth Tamer bass rod and it was really getting a work out. The fish dove down and Spencer hit his knees trying to hold the fish up. He did an awesome job fighting the fish and after an intense boat side battle I scooped up the heavy 35.5 inch Musky in the net. We took some pictures, and Spencer helped me release the fish back into the water. The Musky Swam of slowly and did a half of a circle around the boat just under the water then exploded out of sight.

Thanks to Seen-N-Feed and the United Special Sportsman Alliance’s (USSA) Child’s Wish Program for giving me the opportunity to take this young man on the water! Also thanks to everyone else in the area that helped make Spencer and his Fathers trip to northern Wisconsin possible.

spencer30 spencer35.5

Spencer’s First Musky Ever 30″ released.         Spencer’s biggest fish a 35.5″ Musky that he released.

John Carlson

Ross’s Sport Shop & Guide Service

Phillips WI


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