Day 1: If you’re going to San Francisco…

Sports Director Lauren Magiera takes us through day 1 of Packers playoff coverage in San Francisco.

Our day began at 4:00 a.m. leaving the hotel in Milwaukee to catch our flight. After a quick trip to Minneapolis we boarded our flight to San Francisco, where fans were chanting “Go Pack Go” as they boarded and walked down the aisle to their seats.

I was seated in an row with two hippies, one of them, ironically had a flower in her hair as we flew to San Francisco. I got a laugh out of it.

Once we landed in San Francisco, the Packers shirts and coats started to thin out in the crowd. We talked with a man who has been a Packers fan his entire life. He was in town visiting his son, who has been a 49ers fan his entire life. They were going to the game together. They had such a great story but wouldn’t talk on camera.

The second we stepped outside any grogginess we may have been feeling instantly was gone; the sun was out and it was so warm outside. We didn’t want to cut the timing too close before our 6:00 p.m. live shot, so instead of checking into the hotel, we drove straight to Fort Point. Fort Point is an old Civil War era brick building. I loved the culture of this place. Photographer Eric Ellis and I had never seen the Golden Gate Bridge before, so it was really cool for the trees to open up and see how big it is. It was absolutely beautiful!

We enjoyed the scenery and sun for a moment before talking with locals on how special this place is to the city. There were people everywhere, jogging, riding their bikes, surfing or taking pictures. Locals told us that this is a place to get away from the fast pace of the city and relax enjoying the beautiful scenery.

Since we hadn’t checked into our hotel yet, our rental car morphed into so much more than just an impala. We used it as a changing room, our office, our edit bay, viewing deck and makeup room. We went live on the 6:00 p.m. show and checked into the hotel.

Driving back we got to admire the unique look of this city, its long blocks, hills, bright colors and interesting trees; basically it looks like a different world from Wisconsin. While we were getting ready to go live at 10:00 p.m. we noticed how cold it got. There was a drastic temperature drop from being in the sun earlier in the day, to standing in the dark just hours later. It was still much warmer than Wisconsin and we loved the smell of the ocean breeze.

We ended our day with burgers from In-N-Out, a very famous burger chain only on the West Coast. We put in a lot of work today but it has all been so worth it. What a treat for Eric and I to get to spend time in this beautiful city and get to cover the Green Bay Packers.

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San Francisco Playoff Pictures

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