Kata Cold Front?

October 20, 2007 0 Comments

Megansyner Hopefully you got to get some outdoor activities in today because it was absolutely beautiful outside.  We saw a good deal of sunshine through the first half of the day, then a few clouds rolled in during the afternoon hours ahead of our next storm system.  While a warm front didn’t expicitly cross the region today, it did help to bring in milder air to the area.  Highs today reached the 60s and even 70s in some locations south of Wausau.  Overnight, the same warm front cause an isolated shower, but most of the activity will hold off until Sunday afternoon/evening as the main cold front arrives.  As of now, most of the precipitation will actually fall behind the cold front because of the amount of drier air over the Wisconsin River Valley, so it will take some time for that drier air to be overcome.  You may not know that meteorologists actually classify cold fronts.  There are two main types of cold fronts – ana and kata.  So, what exactly are ana fronts and kata fronts?  Well, the most common for us is a kata front.  A kata cold front is one where the majority of precipitation is occuring ahead of the front.  An ana front is one where the majority of the precipitation is behind the boundary.  So, the cold front moving through on Sunday can be classified as an ana cold front.  Pretty interesting!  That is all for the technical stuff, here is a look at how we are doing for both temperatures and precipitation for October in Wausau.

Avg. High:     63.8

Avg. Low:     48.3

Overall:     56.1      Average:  49.6     Departure:  +6.5

October Precip:  4.59"     Average:  1.79"     Departure:  +2.80"

Fall Precip:  7.29"     Average:  5.87"     Departure:  +1.42"

Year Precip:  26.13"     Average:  28.99"     Departure:  -2.86

On Sunday, I’ll compare the precipitation totals with other locations in the area, so be sure to check back for those!  Have a great night!

Meteorologist Megan Syner

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