Let it Snow, Let it Snow

November 30, 2008 0 Comments

Kristen What a snowy Saturday for areas in Central and Southern Wisconsin! Airports were close and many accidents were reported across Wisconsin. Our area was right on the fringe of the activity.  The big system is continue to push off to the Northeast moving out of Illinois and Indiana. It will continue to move further from us which means snow chances ending from west to east.

I think this system has been moving slightly faster than models anticipated and expect most of us to just see snow for the next couple hours and the activity turn to flurries overnight.  The exception would be lake effect developing and continuing into tomorrow in the snow belt region.  Already Marathon county has been dropped from the Winter Weather Advisory and would not be surprised if others are dropped as the snow lessens in some areas.  As some of our weather watchers reported it was the southern sections that got the brink of it.  Here are some totals from our areas and a few others that show the brunt this storm put on Sundays weather.

Lindsey – 2"

City Point- 2"

Arkdale- 1.5"

Wausau- 1"




Mindoro- 5.8"

La Grange- 5.0"

Holmen- 4.3"


La Crosse- 3.6"

For other snow reports you can click here. This lists all the reports across the area.

Please be careful if you will be on the roadways at all tonight or tomorrow morning! And send us any more snow reports if you have them.   

Have a good night and be careful!

Meteorologist Krisen Connolly

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