Record Heat ( Not Here!) Weather and Headaches

July 29, 2009 0 Comments

It is warm around the country…just not here.  We are going to continue to see temperatures below average with highs tomorrow only in the 60’s! Yes 60’s! That is closer to our average low temperature.  The rest of the forecast calls for highs only reaching at best the upper 70’s.  I really wish we could get one week of summer in here… 

On the other side of our cold spell the northwest is receiving record breaking heat.  They are in a ridge which has been sending temperatures that are about 25 degrees above average.  Yesterday Portland hit 106 just one degree shy of 107 the all time high for the city set in 1981.  Today the Seattle area could be breaking there all time high of 100. 

In other news.. there is always the discussion of how weather can impact your health.  Sometimes it is a joke that people can tell you a system is coming in before the weather person tells you because they can “feel” it.  Meaning they can feel the drop in pressure. Just the other day someone mentioned to me how they woke up with such a bad headache, it was a day when we had a very low pressure in place.  I have also experienced headaches from sudden drops in pressure. 

In a new reportphysicians say that sudden chances in barometric pressure as well as higher temperatures and humidity have an impact in causing a migraine.  One of the reasons is change in pressure affects air oxygen levels which in turn can affect blood vessels in the brain.  It is the contracting and expansion of blood vessels that normally cause most headaches. 

Warning signs of Migraines include but are not limited to flashes of light, blind spots in vision, tingling of limbs.  Migraines range in severity and length but can include nausea, and sensitivity to light and sound.  Some can just last a few hours where as other people may experience one for days.  Hopefully you are not one of the many but if you are you may want to get medicine to stop the pain before it starts!  

Have a great night! Meteorologist Kristen Connolly

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