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December 30, 2009 1 Comment

In previous blogs, Justin has done such a great job giving us the top weather events over the last year and the last decade.  For me what sticks out were the June 7th, 2007 tornadoes and some of the dry spells we’ve had, including this last September.  I remember June 7th, 2007 like it was yesterday.  I had been with TV9 for only a week or so and let’s just say I wish mother nature would’ve let me settle in a little bit more.  Wow, what an exciting day though, and most of us were very fortunate that day.  To have an EF3 tornado on the ground for over 30 miles and not go through a town was pretty remarkable.  We had quite the severe weather set up that day.  All the pieces were in place and it It was almost certain that very rough weather was going to go down.  We knew days in advance that we could have this kind of day on our hands.  Forecasting severe weather is making huge strides.  

One of the biggest changes for us through the decade has nothing to do with how we forecast the weather but how we deliver the weather to you.  Especially just in this last year, the way people want their media is changing.  We still of course have your traditional newscasts, but to no surprise the website has become more important then ever.  We are increasing our web and mobile web content daily to keep up with the demand.  Just a few years ago Station Management didn’t care about blogs, twitter, facebook, text alerts…but now this is all they talk about.  The web is how many people(especially young adults) are receiving all of there information.  It’s sad but I don’t really know anyone my age that receives the newpaper, and fewer and fewer people are solely depending on the evening television news.  We now have to bring these people in by maximizing the potential of various web outlets.  People want to be updated more than ever and we have the ability to do so.  You no longer have to wait until 5 or 6 pm to get today’s news or forecast.  It’s being updated througout the day for you via the web and mobile web.  This transition will only speed up with each generation, and we’re ready for it here at Newsline 9.  

I am off for the rest of the year and wanted to wish everyone a wonderful end to 2009 and an even better start to 2010!!!

Happy New Year. 

Meteorologist Brian NIznansky

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  1. Ray says:

    I would say different work schedules and similar things have lead to the way people get their weather news changing so much. Newspapers for weather, way too slow. TV is great when you can get by one when it is on ,since watching the local forecast on TV and seeing you guys explain it still seems to be the most informative easy to understand way. The “national” weather on TV is too vague for local conditions by comparison. With the web site, however, you can check in the morning, later in the day, and right before you leave to drive some where to see if any changes might affect travel – an example for this time of the year. Like how the Christmas storm kept changing track by the hour and that changed what kind of weather travellers would be dealing with. Then there is the video part you have up that you can watch when you have a chance on a busy day.

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