Allergic to the Cold

January 13, 2010 0 Comments

What a tricky forecast.  Both Justin and Brian have wrote about it below.  Brian and I both came in to work frustrated.  Everywhere around us had already seen clearing but we were still stuck under a stratus deck at 2 pm.  Finally by 330pm the clouds broke here and Wausau and temps began to rise. Unfortunately the warmest part of the day had passed so we missed the highs considerably because of the cloud deck we dealt with for the majority of the day. 

On a different note I saw a news clip about being allergic to the cold.  I have heard of being allergic to the sun and receiving sun poisoning but the cold was a whole new ball game for me!  It states that the most common effects are intense itching, hives, red spots and low blood pressure.  I googled the subject and found a few different articles.  The official title is Cold Urticaria. You can take medication for the allergy just like any that can help prevent the side affects or atleast lessen them. 

Here are a few articles I have found to talk about the allergy:

1) From the Mayo Clinic

2) Wikipedia Definition and Symptoms

3)  Allergies, from

On a somber note, my heart goes out to all those in Haiti, as one news article stated it “Worse than a War Zone”.  The devastation is unbelievable, right now they fear the death toll could be above 100,000 which is absolutely shocking. It surely will mark a spot in history for the beginning of 2010.

Have a good night, Meteorologist Kristen Connolly

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