Deep South’s Turn…

February 11, 2010 0 Comments

Recent snow across the Mid-Atlantic has been one for the ages.  The 2009/2010 winter season will go down as the snowiest ever for the Baltimore and D.C. area.  The D.C. record goes all the way back to 1898!!!  Baltimore has shattered it’s record by over 17 inches!!!  The area has literally been shut down for 4 days.  No one is going to work…no one is going to school.  Clean up continues, but more snow may be on the way next week.  If the weather pattern we’re in remains…they could see several more storms before winter is over. 

While the mid-Atlantic catches a break it is now the deep south’s turn for snow.  Winter Storm Warnings have been posted all the way to the Gulf of Mexico.  The panhandle of Florida could see a few inches of snow.  Up to 10 inches could fall across portions of Louisiana, Mississippi, and AlabamaDallas has already picked up 8.7″ inches today…shattering all sorts of records. 

What a wacky winter so far….you have to blame El Nino!!!  It’s almost like we are sharing are cold and snow.  For how snowy and cold the south has been this winter, you would first expect our winter here in Wisconsin to be just brutal.  That really hasn’t been the case.  Just like the last few winters,our weather has been dominated by a strong upper level trough.  Which will normally bring very cold conditions with several polar highs sweeping across the Great Lakes.  It seems however that El Nino has pretty much cancelled out this pattern.  We will likely end up with an overall above average winter.  

Meteorologist Brian Niznansky

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