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August 16, 2010 0 Comments

It is the second time in August that we have dipped below 60! It feels a bit chilly outside compared to the past several nights but don’t worry we will warm up.  And as I wrote in my last post I do not below that summer has come and gone…. I think we just have to wait a few days for the heat and humidity to return!

This is all over the National news but I thought I would put it in our blog.  Pakistan is seeing the worst flooding in their history.  It was brought to a whole new level when the UN Secretary-General toured the country.  20 million are homeless from the devastating floods.  To make it worse the monsoon rains that caused the flooding are not over yet.  The country had to cancel their Independence Day celebrations, on August 14th, because of the flooding. 

Here is one article and another about the flooding.

The tropics have seemed quiet recently but again Sept is usually the most active month.  We did see Tropical Depression 5 last week and it looks like the remnants could make our next tropical cyclone.  It has a 50% chance of becoming a tropical cyclone…again. It is currently spinning just to the south of Panama City, Florida.   Have a fantastic Monday! Meteorologist Kristen Connolly

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