Will We See the Stars?

August 11, 2010 0 Comments

First I added a new question to my “Have you ever wondered series”  This one is on the topic of drizzle versus rain. If you ever wanted to know the difference check it out!

Brian posted an article earlier this week but I just want to remind people that the Perseid’s meteor shower will be tonight and tomorrow night! I am hoping that the fog holds out just long enough for us to at least see something.  I remember watching this meteor shower last year and was able to catch just a few “shooting stars”. 

Just a quick background…The meteor shower is thought to come from the remains of the Swift-Tuttle.  They are typically one of the fastest moving stars at speeds of 60 kilometers per second!  The meteor shower was discovered back in 1862 and was rediscovered in 1992.  It takes approximately 130 years for the comet to circle the sun.  With each pass it produces a debris trail which we call the Perseids.  Every year the Earth passes closet to the orbit of the Swift-Tuttle during mid-August, it is then when we see the debris or material from the comet which we see as shooting stars!   

Best times will occur late overnight from after 2 am through dawn both tonight and tomorrow night.  Unfortunately for us, this is when fog will likely develop so I saw head outside as soon as you can.  You also want to get as far away from city lights, the country is by far the best place to observe. 

Here is all the info you need to know!

It probably won’t look like this but we can dream 🙂

Meteorologist Kristen Connolly

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