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April 21, 2011 3 Comments

Before delving into any other topic in the blog today I have to mention this year’s snowmelt contest. Once again we have great R-store prizes to give away to the people who correctly predict the last date there will be snow on Rib Mountain. The entry period for the contest is through the end of the month of April. So you have a few days to think about it. Just get you entry in before midnight on April 30th. Only one entry per person.

So where can you enter?

  • You can use our website submission form here.
  • You can use your phone and text “SNOWMELT” to 28214. You will get a message back that prompts you to enter your prediction.
  • You can send an email to, Just be sure to include your address and prediction.
  • You can mail your entry with you name, address, and prediction to:


1908 Grand Avenue

Wausau, WI 54403

The prizes for this year’s contest are the same as last year. The top 5 prizes are randomly drawn from the pool of people who predict the correct date the last bit of snow melts off Rib Mountain. The rest of the winners will receive a car wash coupons from the R-stores.

Top 5 Prizes:

  1. $250 R-store Gift Card
  2. $150 R-store Gift Card
  3. $100 R-store Gift Card
  4. $50 R-store Gift Card
  5. $25 R-store Gift Card

One would think it would be a late snow melt this year based on the cold Spring and large amount of snow this Winter, however, if we get a warm spell in May along with above normal rain, the snow melt could occur in May. If current trends continue, it is more likely that the snow will last into June. For the six years I have been keeping track of the snow melt, it has happened four times in June and twice in May.

CPC May Temp Forecast

So is the weather going to remain cool or warm up dramatically? One place we can turn to for guidance is the Climate Prediction Center. They release long range computer model projections every month and this month’s are now out. If you are sick of the cold weather as of late, perhaps you do not want to look. The CPC long range temperature outlook is indicating a greater chance of below normal temperatures in Wisconsin for the first part of Summer.

CPC May-June-July Temp forecast

Starting out with the outlook for May, the greater chance of below normal temperatures lies just to our west. It is the May-June-July and June-July-August 3 month periods that show the cool weather anomaly for Wisconsin and most of the Midwest. Now, before you sell your house and move to the sunbelt, just remember that these long range outlooks are not a guarantee of cool weather. Monthly outlooks are an imprecise art. However, even if the Summer turns out cooler than normal, it is not always a bad thing. If May is near normal, followed by a Summer without a blistering hot stretch of weather, followed by an Autumn of above normal temps (a guy can hope anyway) then we would have a long stretch of very comfortable weather.

CPC May Precipitation Forecast

As normal, the main thing I am concerned about is moisture. As long as there is enough rainfall, I don’t mind too much if the Summer temps are cooler (or warmer) than normal. The CPC long range outlooks at this point are giving no indication as to whether we will have above normal or below normal precipitation. I say I wouldn’t mind a bit cooler Summer, but I hope it will not be as cold as the Summer of 2009 when we had only five 80 degree days in the month of July and several days only in the 60s.


Finally in today’s post a little follow up on an alternative energy story I wrote about a couple months ago: Cold fusion device developed in Italy! The inventors said they would be selling a commercial device by this time of year so I am tracking them down to see how things are progressing. Stay tuned.

Have a good Thursday! Meteorologist JustinLoew.

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  1. carol Akey says:

    I think the snow will be gone on Granite Peak on June 6th 2012

  2. carol Akey says:

    I think the snow will be melted on Granite Peak on
    June 6, 2012

  3. Stephanie Jaeger says:

    Snowmelt prediction June 13th, 2012.

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