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May 27, 2011 2 Comments

The most interesting thing to blog about today, whether you want to hear about it or not, is RECORD COLD! From the information I have gathered it looks like we broke 2 record lows and tied another across Northcentral Wisconsin this morning:

  • Stevens Point 28 (old record 32 in 1906)
  • Rhinelander 26 (old record 27 in 1917)
  • Antigo 28 (old record 28 in 1971)

Here in Wausau we were very close to the record low. Based on the observations through 7am, it looks like the low temperature dropped to 33. The old record was 32 set back in 1906. There was some scattered frost around town so I am glad I covered my sensitive plants last night, even though I had to stay up late to do so.

No more frost through the rest of the holiday weekend, thank goodness. In fact, high temps could be around 80 by Monday so it will be feeling much more Summer-like for at least one day of the holiday weekend. The highest chances of rain will be tonight (60% chance of showers) and again late Sunday into Monday morning (40% chance of storms).


Just a couple news updates for the rest of the blog on a couple of items I have been following through the years.

The Spirit Rover has not phoned home in over a year and mission controllers at NASA are hanging it up. It is likely that the Rover suffered serious damage from the recent Martian winter. Because it was stuck in the sand, it could not position its solar panels for maximum sunlight and the batteries just drained down (most likely). Without any internal heat, the electronics likely suffered damage. RIP Spirit, you did a good job exploring Mars.

In other news, just week after D-Wave revealed the design of their quantum computer, they now have their first (announced) customer. Lockheed Martin will purchase a quantum computer from D-Wave. This is an interesting development in the history of computing. Quantum computers have the capability of transforming the world. If Lockheed (or others who are more secretly testing the D-Wave system, like Google) have some success with the computer, I suspect there will be a mad rush to buy more – by companies and governments around the world.

Lastly, I didn’t produce a blog entry yesterday because I was gone to the Green Bay NWS media seminar. One of the more interesting facts that I learned is that the October 26-27th 2010 wind storm was NOTthe record lowest pressure ever recorded for a non-tropical weather system in the U.S. Apparently, after much searching, climate specialists found 2 Nor’easters that had lower pressure than the storm that hit the Midwest late last year.

Special notes: Our daily text messaging system and our recorded phone forecast 715-843-9250 are currently experiencing technical difficulties. These might not be restored until Monday or Tuesday of next week. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Have a good Memorial Day Weekend! Meteorologist Justin Loew.

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  1. Lori Jahnke says:

    I sure do wish you had a spot on the waow website that would tell me information about the snowmelt contest for this year. I am unable to watch the morning show and that seems to be the only time it is discussed, I have no idea if it is over or just close to being over. Could you please send me some info via my email address ( I would greatly appreciate it.
    Lori Jahnke

  2. jloew says:

    Hi Lori, thanks for bringing up the subject. I blogged about it today and as you know, I mention it on the morning show at least once a day, however, now that the snow is getting close to completely melting I will see if we can put a special place on the home page of the website where people can check the status of the snowmelt contest. Right now, it looks like the final melt is about one to two weeks away.

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