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First in the blog I want to mention that we have now drawn the top 5 winners for the snowmelt contest. We have revealed the 4th and 5th place winners and will be revealing the top three on Wake-Up Wisconsin tomorrow morning (Thursday June 23th). We had 52 people who predicted the correct date of the snowmelt (June 17th). For those who are not drawn for the top prizes, you will receive premium car wash coupon. We will be mailing out the prizes late this week and early next week. You can check all the updates from the last couple weeks at this article on our website. Here is the winner board so far:

  • 1st Place $250 Gift Card – ??
  • 2nd Place $150 Gift Card – ??
  • 3rd Place $100 Gift Card – ??
  • 4th Place $50 Gift Card – Diane Stroik, Ringle
  • 5th Place $25 Gift Card – Joanne Ciszczon, Wisconsin Rapids

I don’t have the time or inclination to go through our archives this morning to find out the exact date of the snowmelt for each of the past 7 years but here is what I remember off the top of my head for the snowmelt each year:

  • 2005 June 7th
  • 2006: June 6th
  • 2007: May 25th
  • 2008: June 8th
  • 2009: June 24th (exact date)
  • 2010: May 29th (exact date)
  • 2011: June 17th (exact date)

As you can see, the snowmelt date has been a lot more varied in the last 3 years, kind-of like our weather this Spring. This year the snowmelt might have been a lot later if we didn’t have 3 record warm days in the 90s earlier this month. The question is: Will the wild weather continue for the rest of the Summer, or will things quiet down? I am sure glad we have not had much severe weather recently. There was a tornado watch for parts of the area yesterday but we did not observe any touchdowns, just some scattered showers and thunderstorms. There wasn’t severe weather but there were some heavy downpours. Our weather watcher Marianne in Scandinavia reported 3.2 inches of rain yesterday evening. Some heavier downpours are possible once again this afternoon. In Wausau, the record precipitation for June 22nd is only 1.06 inches so there is a chance we could set a new record rainfall today.

July-Aug-Sept CPC Temp Outlook

But what about the longer term? Will the weather warm up? Last month when we looked at the CPC monthly outlooks, the June-July-August temperature trend indicated a greater than average chance of below normal temperatures. The good news was that it seemed like the cooler weather would be concentrated in June and then there would be a greater possibility of warmer weather later in the Summer. Well, that outlook seems to playing out. We did have some record warmth this month but most days have been below normal. Now the latest three month outlook (for July-August-September) is showing an equal chance of below or above normal temps. Hopefully this will mean more normal Summer-time temps. Lo and behold, it does look like some 80s are likely for next week and this warmth could last into the first few days of July.

Have a good Wednesday! Meteorologist Justin Loew.

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