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December 7, 2011 2 Comments

Before I delve into any science or weather related news of the day I wanted to mention that I will be at a fundraising event on Friday evening at Nicolet college in Rhinelander. The event proceeds will go toward the culinary arts program at Nicolet.

Hearing that the event will support the culinary arts program, you can probably guess that there will be some good food available. You can in fact bid on a 3 course meal prepared by the competitors in a “Iron Chef” competition – starring yours truly. I am pairing up with culinary arts instructor Kevin Brown. We have an hour to prepare 5 servings of a 3 course meal. We are competing against a couple other cookswhom I hear do mac-n-cheese and oatmeal pretty well, but I haven’t heard about more advanced preparations.

Instructors in the Iron Chef Challenge

The fundraising fun time will be held this Friday (the 9th) from 5:00pm to 6:30pm in the Nicolet college theatre. Besides being able to watch the iron chef competition, you can bid on 40 different silent auction items and sample foods prepared by students at the College. Admission is free if you bring a non-perishable food item. Come out, say hi, and enjoy a delicious time at Nicolet College this Friday in Rhinelander. I hope to see you there!


When discussing the environment and weather you never know what parts of life one might touch upon. This week I was caught up in a dilemma revolving around sport – in particular, college football. As a fan of the Badgers and the sport in general, I have followed the topic of conference re-alignment. We are of course recently familiar with the movement of Nebraska to the Big Ten conference. This made some sense to me since Nebraska relatively close to the other teams in the conference and the University shares a cultural tradition with the Midwest of the U.S. What doesn’t make sense to me is the recent decision for some teams from the western mountain states to join the Big East. I know it has to do with money but it doesn’t make sense on many levels including pollution and the environment. Back in the day, when sporting conferences were created, they were based on geographic proximity. Today it seems they are based on finance and money. Two of the teams that will be joining the Big East conference are Boise State and San Diego State. You couldn’t pick two more culturally divergent or geographically distant Universities to join a conference “based” on the East Coast.

Besides just being against this move from a sports fan perspective, it is most certainly environmentally unsound. Teams travelling by airplane from Idaho and southern California many times a year to the east coast will produce many times more pollution than by just travelling around the inter-mountain west. In an age where we are supposed to be environmentally-conscious, and we are often admonished by UNIVERSITY professors to act more responsibly, this conference re-alignment does not make sense. It is the exact opposite of what should be happening if we want to keep the environment cleaner.

Let us not forget that college tuition continues to sky-rocket and travelling farther to “play games” will certainly cost a lot more.

Have a good Wednesday! Meteorologist Justin Loew.

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  1. Ray says:

    Don’t worry Justin, they are not travelling by SUV. We all know those are the only machines that destroy the environment. I forgot, if they are corporate jets that might pose a problem. We all know that corporate jets are bad for the environment. Maybe they could go by train or ride 100’s of mopeds? Ok, I was attempting a little humor, but you get the Idea.

  2. jloew says:

    Made me chuckle.

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