Snowmelt Winners 2012!

May 31, 2012 0 Comments

The date has finally arrived! Late in the evening yesterday I hiked up Rib Mountain one last time. In the near dark I found a damp patch of grass and dirt that used to be the remaining snow (see here for a picture from yesterday morning). That means the 2012 snowmelt contest is now over! May 30th is the winning date. It turns out we had 43 people predict the correct date. Listed below are the fabulous forecasters, the cream of the crop, the top snowmelt sleuths this year:

  • Brittnay Adamski
  • Jerry Kitzrow
  • Norbert Mroczenski
  • Cheryl Steffen
  • Randy Pfantz
  • Adele Treml
  • Terrie Kozey
  • Dennis Kwasny
  • Marilyn LaPointe
  • Gary Zolp
  • Sharyn Thompson
  • Lori Thomas
  • Scott Gress
  • Tim Jari
  • Carissa Hasenfang
  • Nancy Grochmal
  • Mary Skrzeczkoski
  • Brenda Swan
  • Sue Janz
  • Jason Moss
  • Duwayne Revie
  • Eileen Wadzinski
  • Denise Brillowski
  • Ronald Ament
  • Sally Sommers
  • Carla Kniech
  • Sandy Stroyny
  • Sue Lehmann
  • Carissa Solimene
  • Shannon Rosenow
  • Mary Jo Fochs
  • Sue Priebe
  • Donna Schrameyer
  • Sue Schultz
  • Tracy Steiner
  • Mary Marquardt
  • Kristin Woller
  • Candie Smetak
  • Kris Carson
  •  Heather (text entry)

There are three other text entries on the list that we have not heard back from yet. If we don’t hear back from them on before Monday then we will enter the last 4 digits of their phone number into the big drawing.

The drawing for the top 5 prizes will be held on Monday June 4th on Wake-Up Wisconsin. The names will be drawn at 5:40 am and at that point we will reveal the 4th and 5th place winner. At approximately 6:40am we will reveal the top 3 prize winners. Everyone whose name is not drawn in the top 5 will win a consolation prize of a free car wash coupon from the R-stores of Northcentral Wisconsin. A big THANK YOU to the R-stores for providing the big prizes this year. Just a reminder, these are the gift card values for the top randomly drawn winners:

  • 1st prize: $250 R-store gift card
  • 2nd prize: $150 R-store gift card
  • 3rd prize $100 R-store gift card
  • 4th prize: $50 R-store gift card
  • 5th prize: $25 R-store gift card

Someone listed above is going to take home a $250 gift card next week. Exciting!

Damp Ground Where There Used to be Snow

And I finally here is the picture of the final demise of the snow in 2012. For those of you who entered May 31st, I want to let you know I checked the spot over very well to see if there were any small pieces of ice or snow left hiding on that patch of ground, but there was none. As such, the winning date for this year’s contest is May 30th, much later than what I forecast, which was May 15th.

One other special note: Tune in to the Big Cheese Morning show on Monday to hear Trav do the morning weather segment while breathing helium. We had a little side bet about the snowmelt date and I was closer. For losing this little side bet he is going to breathe in a little helium before talking with me about the weather on the radio. You can hear this at approximately 7:49 am on the radio dial at 107.9 FM. It should be funny.

Have a good Thursday! Meteorologist Justin Loew.


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