Snowmelt Contest – Tentative Melt

June 26, 2013 0 Comments


The remaining snow as of June 26thThe remaining snow as of June 26th

**11am UPDATE**

Yes, the snowmelt contest continues. Sorry for the false excitement for those who picked June 25th. We always want to be very sure when the last snow melts. Thanks to a couple of viewers (Ann & Dave), I was alerted to some snow that was remaining yet in a hidden corner of the mountain, a section I had not visited in the last few days. There is still a little pile there that might take another couple days to melt. Hang in there! The contest continues.

Previous Update:

Another update on the snowmelt contest. The snowpile I have been tracking has melted away. It happened yesterday. Which would make June 25 the winning snowmelt date for 2013.


A viewer hiking on the mountain did submit a picture of another pile of snow hidden on another part of the mountain that was still in existence on Monday of this week, and there might be some snow left in that spot yet! I will have to check it today and see if it is still there. If so, the snowmelt contest continues. I am very particular in making sure of the exact day of the final snow on Rib Mountain. I apologize in advance for people who picked June 25th, just in case it is not the actual winning date, which we announced yesterday (Don’t blame Tony!). I would be sad as well, because I predicted June 25th, but those are the breaks. Stayed tuned for further updates.

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