AGW Lawsuits Again & Again

November 28, 2013 1 Comment

Justin 2013 SmallThe interesting issue of climate reparations has reared its head again during the recent United Nations climate talks in Poland last week. I have ruminated more in-depth on this issue before. The basic premise is that “rich” countries use the most fossil fuel and “poor” countries suffer the most from anthropogenic global warming (AGW), thus “rich” countries should pay “poor” countries whenever some extreme weather event occurs. Take the tragic occurrence and aftermath of super-typhoon Haiyan which some have speculated was made stronger by AGW. Aid organizations and countries from around the world arrived on the scene immediately afterward to help people recover. That is what usually happens when a major natural disaster leaves people (no matter rich or poor) nearly helpless. People help each other. Countries help each other.

Now, instead of people and countries helping each other voluntarily, it is proposed that some should be forced to pay for damages. The guilty parties are the ones who enjoy a higher standard of living. But who decides who gets all the money and how will it be used? Who decides which weather events qualify for AGW damage payments? Those details are scant. Some countries which were formerly “rich” might find themselves “poor” (like Greece) or vice versa (like China). There are many “rich” people who live in “poor” countries. Does the billionaire get bailed out along with the “poor”? China is the world’s largest polluter by far. Will they be expected to pony up the most money? I doubt it. Mainstream media outlets and various NGOs continue to bend over backwards to praise China for all of the steps they have taken to build alternative energy infrastructure (while ignoring massive carbon emissions and the gargantuan amount of other pollution in the air, soil, and water). The U.S has cut carbon emissions dramatically in the last 5 years. Does that mean the U.S. is less to blame? I doubt that is how it will play out. Most of these negotiations have pinned all of the blame on Europe, Japan, and the U.S. (Australia & Canada a bit as well). It is as if these advanced nations are paying for “sins” of the past.

It is a strange thought – suing someone else over the weather that happens – but it seems the world is going down that rabbit hole.

Have a happy Thanksgiving! Meteorologist Justin Loew

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