A Look At Earth’s Temperature Over the Past 11,000 Years

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Tony_newScientists know that there have been multiple periods since Earth began that have been warmer than our current climate.  But what about Earth’s more “recent” history?  Research published in 2013 suggests the current global average Earth temperature is close to if not the warmest it has been in 11, 300 years.   The conclusion is drawn from multiple studies of sediment cores from lake and sea bottoms as well as ice cores.


Below is an excerpt from a NOAA article on this topic.

The 11,000-year temperature reconstruction shows global average temperature increasing after the end of the last ice age and leveling off about 7550 and 3550 BC. After that time, global temperatures dropped until the “Little Ice Age,” bottoming out somewhere between AD 1450 and 1850. Afterwards temperatures rose again, first slowly then very rapidly. (The estimated temperatures for the past 1,500 years correlated with previous research that covered the same time period.)

11000 yr temp graph


You can read the researchers full findings on this interesting climate topic here.







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