Incredible Iranian Heat Index!

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If the heat index in Wisconsin gets up to 95 degrees most of us are complaining.  Well can you imagine what they just went through at the end of July over in Iran.  On Friday, July 31st areas of southwestern Iran on the coast of the Persian Gulf were absolutely boiling.  The actual air temperatures were pushing 110 degrees F.  Combine that with dew point temperatures near 90 degrees F and the relative humidity was in the 55 to 60% range.  That pushed the heat index values up in the 154 to 164 degree F range.  Those are some of the most extreme conditions ever measured on Earth.  There are no official world records for heat index but there have been some unofficial reports of up into the 170s  F in Saudi Arabia.

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The Middle East gets extremely hot in the summer because of semi-permanent ridges of high pressure sitting over that latitude.  They provide nearly continuous baking sunshine which heats up the arid landscape very efficiently.  The surprisingly high dew points come from the steamy waters of the Persian Gulf which have temperatures in the low to mid 90s right now.

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The highest dew point I have ever been in is around 81 degrees and that was pretty oppressive.  The 90 degree dew point weather is life threatening to anybody who overexherts themselves or those weakened with health conditions.


heat index chartOther locations that experience such an extreme temperature and humidity combination are the Red Sea coast of Ethiopia and the Gulf of Aden coast of Somalia.   By the way, Baghdad in Iraq recorded its all-time record hottest temperature on July 30th of last week when the mercury touched 124 degrees F.  That is some hot stuff my friends.


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