Tropical Storm Harvey is finally moving, eyeing second landfall in Louisiana

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The worst of the rain may be over in Houston, but the water is still rising. As of early afternoon today, between 30-50 inches of rain has fallen in and around the Houston and Galveston metro areas, and in areas to the east now stretching into Louisiana. As of early afternoon today, Mont Belvieu, a city around 40 miles east of Houston, had picked over 51.88″ of rain over the

course of the last four and a half days. This breaks the all time record for most rainfall from a tropical system, not only in Texas (48″ from Amelia in 1978), but in the entire Lower 48. It’s also on the cusp of breaking the all time record anywhere in the United

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States. The current record is in Hawaii where 52″ of rain fell in the mountains from Hurricane Hiki in 1950. This will likely be broken as this goes down as the worst flood in U.S. history.

The images from the Houston area speak for them self, but the waters will likely continue to rise with more homes seeing flooding. Water from the Addicks Reservoir, a reservoir used for flood control, has topped 108 ft. for the first time and is now spilling over. Another reservoir to the south of there is expected to overflow south of there as well. These are the same reservoirs where flood waters were temporarily released on Monday, hoping to mitigate uncontrollable overflow. Homes around these reservoirs are expected to see 3-5 ft. of water enter their homes, and mandatory evacuations are in place. The only problem is any major roads out of the reservoir are expected to be impassable for “several weeks to several months”. 


The good news for folks in the Houston area is that Harvey, still a Tropical Storm, is finally start to move somewhere. It’s currently moving NE at 6 mph with maximum sustained winds at 50 mph, and is expected to make a second landfall Wednesday morning in Louisiana before continuing northeast into the Tennessee Valley this weekend. Most of the rainfall in the Houston area will be coming to an end on Wednesday, but the catastrophic flooding will continue.

Meteorologist Tony Schumacher broke down the meteorology on why Harvey hasn’t moved much since making landfall on Friday.

Here are some ways you can help out the victims of Harvey.

My heart goes out to all of those who have lost their lives and to those who have lost everything from this devastating storm. From first responders, to the meteorologists, to citizens rescuing other citizens with their own boats, their efforts should not be overlooked or overshadowed. It takes a great amount of courage and strength to continue working and risking their own lives while having the flood waters impact their own homes and lives as well. Thoughts and prayers with everyone in southeast Texas.

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