Summerlike as we approach the Fall Equinox

September 17, 2017 0 Comments


Even though astronomical fall arrives Friday, September 22nd, it will likely feel more like August given the expected weather patterns.  Temperatures could be soaring 10 to 12 degrees above normal with muggy dew points in the 60s at times as well.


As you will notice in the 6-10 day temperature map from Climate Prediction Center, the eastern half of the nation is solidly painted in warmer than normal conditions.  Meanwhile the western United States is projected to be cooler than normal in the September 23rd to September 27th stretch.

When you examine the 500 mb flow it becomes obvious why the temperatures would behave this way.

This forecast chart is for Saturday, September 23rd from the GFS model.  It is showing the wind patterns at the 500 mb level (around 15 to 20 thousand feet aloft).  It should a deep trough over the western part of the nation where cool air will be setting up.  Meanwhile a strong ridge from the Central Plains to the Great Lakes will harbor warm air.  We have a strong southwest flow projected over Wisconsin which in this case will be warm and wet.

Above normal precipitation is predicted all the way from Texas north to the Canadian border.  It could be drier than usual in the 6-10 day period in the eastern United States and parts of the far west.

Well, keep those summer t-shirts and shorts handy, as well as your umbrellas.





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