When Do We Get our First 32 Degree Temperature in Wausau?

September 10, 2017 0 Comments


Well we had several nights recently with frosty lows in the low 30s in the Northwoods and cranberry marshes throughout the state.  However the coldest the Wausau Downtown Airport has been so far this year is 40 degrees.  There is definitely a heat island effect surrounding the Airport with urban development for miles in any direction.   The extensive pavement and buildings absorb heat during the day and emit it back to the air at night, keeping temperatures several degrees warmer than the countryside around it.  For most of the TV-9 area a typical first 32 degree temperature for the season occurs from mid-September to the first part of October.


However, in recent years, the Wausau Downtown Airport hasn’t dropped to the freezing mark until mid October.

  • 2016   (Oct. 14th)  32 F
  • 2015   (Oct. 16th)  27 F
  • 2014   (Oct. 10th)  31 F
  • 2013   (Oct. 20th)  31 F
  • 2012   (Sept. 19th)  32 F

2012 was the last time we had a more seasonal date of first 32 F temperature at the Wausau Airport.  Now for gardeners and farmers it is important to remember that frost can form even when air temperatures measured at about six feet off the ground are in the mid to upper 30s.  It will likely be 3 to 6 degrees colder closer to the ground, allowing for frost to form.  This year, corn and soybean farmers are hoping for a later than usual hard frost so the crops have more time to mature and dry down.   The late planting this spring, a  cloudy and wet June, and a cool August, have the crops developing a bit slower than normal.  Well at least the next ten days or so look favorable with temperatures that should run about 6 to 10 degrees above normal.


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