Summer 2017 Recap

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We’re almost a week into climatological fall and with the chill in the air today it definitely feels like it. In fact, temperatures were on the cool side much of the month of August. The average high was 73.9°F, which is almost 4 degrees cooler than normal. Even our nights were, on average, two degrees below normal. After near or just slightly above normal temperatures in June and July, August made this summer cooler than normal, with an average high of 76.9°F (-0.9°F).

If you ask anyone out on the street to sum up our weather this summer, and they could probably do so by saying it was wet and not too hot, which would be correct. Wausau didn’t reach 90 degrees at all this summer, and there were more days with highs in the 60s (7 days) than in the 80s (5 days) during the month of August alone. We did start off the summer on the warm side, with upper 70s to upper 80s common for the first half of June, but that prolonged gloomy and rainy stretch began, which dropped high temperatures into the 60s to low 70s for twelve straight days to end the month.

Speaking of rain, boy, was the first half of the summer full of it. 19 of the 30 days of June had measurable rainfall, including a stretch where rain fell 16 of 19 days in a row. The wet pattern continued into the first half of July, and then we finally started to have more dry days than wet days through the end of summer. Rainfall wise, June and July both saw more rain than normal, while August ended up just over a half inch below normal. Overall, Wausau picked up 13.53″ of rain this summer, which is 1.23″ above normal.

It seemed as if we were dealing with severe weather 2-3 times a week throughout the month of June and into the first half of July, but just as the wet pattern turned dry, it’s almost like a switch went off with severe weather as well.

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