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November 14, 2017 1 Comment


With one of the busiest travel holidays of the season coming up, it is time to start thinking about how the weather could impact your trip.  Now keep in mind, this writing is a full week ahead of Thanksgiving Eve Wednesday.  So the forecast trend has plenty of uncertainty and adjustments will likely need to be made.  Be sure to check back in frequently to Newsline9 and waow.com for updates!

Take a look at the GFS computer model prediction issued November 14th for Wednesday November 22nd at noon.



A low pressure system is projected over southeast Canada.  The flow around it will be driving cold air down across the Midwest and Great Lakes toward the East Coast.  There likely will be snow showers swirling around the low pressure east of Wisconsin.   In addition localized heavy lake effect snow would be likely in this setup on the south and east shores of the Great Lakes.  So be alert if you plan to go to Hurley, or much of Upper Michigan, western Lower Michigan, northern Indiana, northeast Ohio, and western Pennsylvania, or western New York.  Some of those spots could pile up large amounts of snow (over a foot?) along with blowing and drifting due to the gusty winds.

In most of Minnesota and Wisconsin it is trending dry for Thanksgiving Eve travel with partly cloudy skies and temperatures probably in the 20s during the day and maybe as cold as the 0s at night.

Elsewhere, it could be sunny, warm, and dry from the Southern Plains back across the Central and Southern Rockies into the southwest part of the country.  The GFS does suggest some wet conditions in the Northern Rockies into parts of Oregon and Washington.

Well, I hope this very preliminary outlook helps you plan just a little.   I wish you all a safe and enjoyable trip.  Or if you are hanging around home, have a wonderful time as well!





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StormTrak9 Meteorologist with WAOW-TV in Wausau, WI. Also the owner of Great Lakes Weather Service, LLC.

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  1. Jaxon Jesse says:

    Thanks, Tony, for sharing this informative information. I love traveling and always carry a weather radio with me for predicting the weather.

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