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This week I am counting down the top 10 weather events of 2017 in Northcentral Wisconsin. Today I will profile numbers 10 down to 7. If you want to check out the honorable mentions, click here for yesterday’s blog post.

#10 “Cold” and wet weather in late June

Judging by the number of complaints I heard about this weather pattern in late June, you would think this should rank toward the top of the list, however, even though it was cooler and wetter than normal, the pattern was not too remarkable.

Picture by Susan Vick. One of the few times the sun came out in late June.

We did not set any new records for cool temps or any for precipitation. It was the persistence of the gloomy weather that made it tough to endure. From the 18th of June through the 29th, temps were well below normal each day, with a handful of days in the 60s. We also had a lot of rain. There was at least a trace of rain on 10 out of the 12 days. In addition, it was partly or mostly cloudy on most of those days. It might not have been so bad, except that it occurred during a time of year with the longest daylight hours. With such cloudy and cool weather, it seemed like we were missing out on a good part of the Summer.

#9 Late September heat wave

We had plenty of 80 degree days during the Summer and some high humidity at times, but warmest spell of weather did not occur until late September.

Picture by Mona and Ted Fox. A lonely loon on a warm late September night

From the 22nd through the 25th we had four days in a row with high temps in the mid to upper 80s. A few spots even reach 90 degrees. We did not break nay record highs in Wausau, but it was close. The only record that fell in Wausau was a record warm low temperature on the 22nd. The low temperature was 65 that morning. The hot spell helped September to end up about three degrees above normal. I remember the weather clearly because I was on a fishing trip at the time. It was very warm the first two days of my trip. then the hot spell ended on the 26th. Temperatures tumbled in a big way. I went from wearing short sleeves and shorts to several layers and rain gear. Here is a blog post from Tony, correctly presaging that late September warm-up.

#8 Cold and snow in early January

Significant winter weather developed during the first half of January. The temperatures during the first half of the month were the coldest of the year until yesterday morning. The coldest (in Wausau) from the spell of wintry weather in early January was -15. We also had five days in a row when low temps dipped into the double digits below zero. There were two days in a row when high temps did not even climb above zero (high of -3 on both days). Over all there were eight days during the stretch from the 1st to the 15th when low temps dropped below zero. There was also some significant snow. From the 1st to the 15th we had 11.8 inches of snow in Wausau. This included a record snowfall of 8.4 inches on the 10th. Here is a blog post from earlier this year recapping the big storm. Overall, if you like Winter, early January was pretty awesome. After the 15th of January the weather warmed up, it rained, February and March had some warm spells, and the rest of Winter was ruined.

#7 Record high temps in February

In #8, I mentioned that February and March had some warm spells that melted most of the snow. The warm spell in February was one of the longest and most record-breaking of the year.

Picture by Jeff Holmes. Ice “went out” quickly with the warmth in late February

We only had four record highs during the year (in Wausau) and three of them occurred during the warm stretch from the 17th through the 22nd of February. High temps were in the 50s each day and there were record highs of 53 on the 17th, 57 on the 19th, and 55 on the 22nd. There was also a record warm low temperature of 37 on the 21st. In Wisconsin Rapids, the high temperature hit 62 on the 19th, which tied the all-time warmest high temperature in February for that location. The warm spell helped February of 2017 rank number 7 of all time for warmest Februarys in Wausau. Not only was it warm but we also had a good amount of sunshine. This made it an early spring-like treat for all of the people who hate winter, which seems to be nearly everyone nowadays. It was nearly a full week of pleasant weather, then it was back to winter. On February 24th, there was a record snow of 7.3 inches in Wausau.

On Thursday I will profile numbers 6 through 4.

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