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Everyone loves top ten lists especially the year-end top ten lists, so I am once again detailing all of the top weather events and themes of the year (2017). If you want to check out the previous items in the list, check out Tuesday’s entry for the honorable mentions, and Wednesday’s entry for numbers 10 through 7. Have you been thinking about the top weather events of the year? What do you remember? Any guesses as to what might be in the top three spots?

#6 Record low temperatures in November (and record cold high temps in December)

To some people, this item in the list might seem a little too high. After all, it was just two days in a row with record low temps in November. It wasn’t even below zero. It wasn’t even close to setting any all-time low temperature marks in November. However, once you put it into context, then you might agree that this event should rank fairly high for the year.

Cold weather in early November made for some interesting sites. Picture by Connie Olson, Saint Germain

It was interesting because outside of the persistently cold winter of 2013-2014, record low temperatures have been fairly rare in the last couple decades. It is hard to remember many times when we had consecutive record low temperatures. So, it was special. The low of 9 degrees on November 9th, tied the old record. The low of 5 degrees on November 10th, smashed the old record by 4 degrees. The record lows, along with a colder-than-normal 1st half of November helped Granite Peak ski area open up earlier than they ever had in the past.

**In addition, we should add the record cold of the last couple of days to this item in the list. Not only did the 26th and 27th of December have the coldest low temperatures of the year in Wausau (-16), we also broke the records for the coldest high temperature on each date. The high on Tuesday was -6 and the high on Wednesday was -3, making those some of the coldest ever days for December 26th and 27th. One record low temperature was broken in the area as well, that was in Antigo yesterday morning, when the temperature dipped to -27.

#5 Tornado in Wausau, April 10th

As mentioned previously, almost all of the severe in our area this year happened prior to June 15th, this includes the only tornado to strike the Wausau area (technically Stettin). It occurred in the early morning hours of April 10th. There were many reports of wind damage as well. The tornado was rated EF1 and damaged several homes in Stettin. Winds from that same storm were responsible for taking out all of the pine trees across the road from Northcentral Technical College. Here is Samantha Kuffel’s article recapping the storm on It is interesting to note that this year’s tornado in Wausau occurred on the same date as the tornado in Merrill in 2011.

#4 A very wet start to the year.

It was a very wet 2016 across the area and 2017 started out the same way. Farmers and gardeners do not often complain about rain (much better than a drought), but last year, and again during the first half of this year, some crops were lost or reduced due to flooding.

Picture by Christal Lord. A flooded yard in Kennan – June 11th

I spoke with one fellow who had planted many acres of black walnut trees in the last couple of years and he lost almost all of them due to the wet weather. In Wausau, we did not receive any flooding rains, but many locations around the area did have several 2 inch+ rainfalls. In Wausau, besides the record snow on January 10th and February 24 we had a record rainfall of 1.10 inches on April 19th. In addition, there were three other occasions with heavy daily rainfall of 1 to 3 inches early in the year. At one point in late June, the precipitation total in Wausau was running over 8 inches above normal for the year! We were on pace to reach the top 5 wettest years ever in Wausau…then it dried up. After above normal precipitation during the first 7 months of the year, we had a couple of dry spells in late Summer and now our total precipitation will only end up about 5 inches above normal, which will land us at about 18th in the list of wettest years ever.

Check in tomorrow for the top three weather events of the year.

Meteorologist Justin Loew


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