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December 26, 2017 3 Comments

It is that time of year once again to enjoy year-end reviews! Every year in the weather blog we count down the top ten weather events (or themes) of the year and this year is stuffed full of interesting things. Be sure to check out the weather blog each day this week for a new installment. We will start out today with the honorable mentions.

Honorable Mention #1: 10th wettest January.

Deep snow in early January, picture by Judy Ehlert

With 2.34 inches of of total precipitation, January of 2017 did not reach the top ten on this year’s list, but it did join the top ten wettest Januarys in Wausau’s history. It displaced January of 1937, which had 2.29 inches. Interestingly, even though it was a top ten month in terms of total precipitation, it was only number 20 in the list for snowfall with 18.9 inches. Most of the precipitation came with a record heavy snowstorm of 8.4 inches on January 10th. Over a half inch of rain and freezing rain fell during a thaw in the middle of the month, which help boost the total.

Honorable Mention #2: A quick end to “good” winter conditions.

Sun and melting snow in late February. Picture by Sandy Walters.

With a good amount of snow and cold in December of 2016 and a cold and snowy start to January of this year, it was looking like winter-enthusiasts would have a ton of fun all winter long. I remember standing in knee-deep snow around the 11th and 12th of January and thinking – these are great winter conditions – and I was dreaming of the snow depth getting up to my waist. Sadly, that was not in the cards. A mild spell hit in the middle of January, melted a fair amount of the snow and we never recovered. A record warm spell hit in late February and that sealed the deal. March was fairly normal as far a temperatures go, but we only got half the normal snowfall, so it was all over. If you didn’t get out in the fresh snow during the first 2 weeks of January, you were out of luck.

Honorable Mention #3: The vast majority of severe weather happened early in the year

Wausau wind damage in early April. Picture by Colleen Kramer.

Severe weather, including tornadoes, mostly happened prior to June 15th. There were a couple of very early tornadoes in March near the La Crosse area. We had an EF1 tornado touch down in Wausau in April. The EF3 Chetek tornado was in May. Then there was a record tornado outbreak on June 14th (mainly in eastern Wisconsin around Green Bay), after that, it was quiet. We did have several days with thunderstorms through late June, July, August, and even September, but there were hardly any warnings.

Stay tune for tomorrow when I will detail number 10 through 6 on the list.

Meteorologist Justin Loew

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