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Generally speaking, 2017 was not too extreme across Northcentral Wisconsin. We had a brutal cold spell to being the year and another one to end the year. There were a couple of tornadoes in the viewing area, but the last half of the year was remarkable by how little severe weather occurred. As far as temperatures go (in Wausau), the warmest was 88 and the coldest was -16, which makes it the smallest range from highest to lowest (104 degrees) in recent memory. You might recall I also wrote that last year was “the smallest range in recent memory“, but last year it was 107.  One of the more extreme years in recent decades was 1996 when the range between the highest (91) and the lowest (-33) was 124 degrees!

One of the beautiful cloud scenes from the year. Picture by Debra Szymanski

About half of the months were above normal on temps (January, February, April, June, September, and October), about half were below normal (March, May, August, November, and December) and one was right on normal (July). January was the 10th wettest January on record, February was the 7th warmest February on record, and April was the 3rd wettest on record. The warmer than normal months ended up out-doing the colder than normal months as we ended up with an average temperature for the year of almost 1 degree above normal.

All of the precipitation led to nice flowers. Picture by Tim Kwiarciany

As mentioned in the top ten list from last week, the year did start out quite wet, but then the weather dried up a bit in late Summer and into the Fall, so we did not break a record for precipitation – just barely getting into the top 20 of wettest years in Wausau – but it was interesting to see that this year’s total precipitation was very close to last year’s. In 2016 we had 36.98 inches. In 2017 we had 37.37 inches. It was the second year in a row that I did not have to water my garden during the entire growing season. Now I am getting spoiled. I am hoping for a third in a row.

On to the numbers for Wausau:

Average high: 53.4  (normal 53.1)

Average low: 35.2  (normal 33.7)

Mean temperature 44.3  (normal 43.4)

Total precipitation: 37.27 inches  (normal 32.41 inches)

Total snow: 51.2 inches  (normal 59.6 inches)

Highest Temperature: 88, June 10th

Lowest temperature: -16, December 26th and 27th

Daily Records:

Record highs

  • February 17th: 53
  • February 19th: 57
  • February 22nd: 55 (tie)
  • November 24th: 60

Record lows

  • November 9th: 9 (tie)
  • November 10th: 5

Record warm low temps

  • January 19th: 29
  • January 21st: 32 (tie)
  • January 24th: 33
  • February 21st: 37
  • April 9th: 54
  • September 16th: 67
  • September 22nd: 65

Record cold high temps

  • December 26th: -3
  • December 27th: -6

Record daily precipitation events

  • January 10th: 0.84 inches
  • April 19th 1.10 inches
  • December 4th: 0.59 inches

Record daily snow events

  • January 10th: 8.4 inches
  • February 24th: 7.3 inches
A great summer scene. Picture by Debi Oswald

If you missed the top ten weather events of the year, go back and take a look here. Here is hoping that 2018 will be another year that is not too extreme across Northcentral Wisconsin.

Meteorologist Justin Loew

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