Record breaking April comes to a close

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Well, we’ve officially made it through one of the worst Aprils in Wausau history. Ten records were set this past month for both snow and the cold as we had multiple snowstorms move through the state.

The first blast of winter dropped 9.3″ of snow on April 3rd, which was a new daily record, and was part of a storm that dropped a total of 11.1″ over two days. Many locations in central Wisconsin received over 10″ of snow from the storm, and we actually had five straight days of measurable snow from the 2nd through the 6th.

Stevens Point, April 3rd

The first eight days of the month also featured three record lows, and one record cold max temperature! On April 1st, the temperature only climbed to 24 degrees, which was the record cold max temperature. Behind the first record snowfall, temperatures fell into the single digits at night, setting record lows on April 5th (8°), April 7th (7°), and April 8th (4°). Temperatures were able to moderate into the 40s and melt much of the snow that fell at the beginning of the month, but then the second largest snowstorm in Wausau history moved through.

Wittenberg Elementary School, Cindy Yaeger


This storm started bringing snow into the area on Friday the 13th and didn’t completely stop until Monday the 16th. Wausau picked up 20.7″ of snow during this storm, which is second only to the March 5-6, 1959 snowstorm that dropped 22.1″ of snow. 17.3″ of that total fell on the 14th and 15th, making that the largest two day snow total in Wausau history. This storm also smashed the old record for largest April snowstorm, which was 12.1″ from 1993. In all, many locations in Central Wisconsin picked up between 20-30″ of snow, with Amherst having one of the highest totals at 33″.

Snow Totals Apr. 13-16, NWS Green Bay


This system brought in so much cold air from Canada that Wausau ended up setting record cold max temperatures on the 15th (25°) and 16th (30°).

Overall, April 2018 was the coldest and snowiest Wausau has ever seen. We picked up a total of 34.5″ of snow in about two weeks, smashing the old April snow record of 25.5″ from 1909. This was more snow than we picked up December, January, and February combined (34.2″). Our mean temperature, the average of both the highs and lows, was only 33.2° for the month, breaking the old record from 1950 of 34.0°.

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