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October 2, 2018 3 Comments

***Update*** November 14th

The drawing for the top 5 winners in this year’s First Snowfall contest was held on Wednesday November 14th. Here are the top 5 winners.

  • 5th Lyle Kurtzweil
  • 4th Anthony Schreier
  • 3rd Patti Gessler
  • 2nd Rachel Melby
  • 1st Kathy Tyskiewicz


***Update*** November 9th

I measured 1.4 inches of snow on top of the cars here at WAOW TV this morning. That means November 9th is the winning date for the snowfall contest in 2018. We had 50 people guess the correct date. Here is the list of those who are better snow predictors than you and I:

  • Kathy West
  • Jeanine Gossage
  • Mary Splitt
  • Rachel Melby
  • Justin Michlig
  • Clyde Patterson
  • Dylan Incha
  • Cynthia Calhoun-Kosiec
  • Kaitlyn Gumz
  • Jasmine Xiong
  • Scott Heinz
  • Carey Abel
  • Stephanie Rodencal
  • Chris Rudahl
  • Karen Kelly
  • Kathy Tyskiewicz
  • Jill Brinkmann
  • Renee Hinrichsen
  • Amy Weizenicker
  • Katie Cunningham
  • Patti Gessler
  • Laurie Rozmenoski
  • Joseph Nettesheim
  • Connie Grendzinski
  • James Fuszard
  • Rick Kist
  • Kay Olson-Martz
  • Cassandra Leonard
  • Linda Barber
  • Gary Flick
  • Kristina Apfelbeck
  • Mark Rekowski
  • Michael Gonering
  • Sheryl Piellusch
  • Michele Krommenakker
  • Robert Rucinski
  • Margaret Landerman
  • Laura Clark
  • Jean Friend
  • Susan DeMuth
  • Daniel Wadzinski
  • Kevin Thorson
  • Anthony Schreier
  • Tracey Weatherley
  • Maggie Hack
  • Elly Thompson
  • Rhonda Thompson
  • Thadd Burch
  • Corrine Teske
  • Lyle Kurtzweil
  • Valerie Wierzba

We will hold the drawing for the top prizes from the R-stores during the middle of next week. Most likely on Tuesday, but possibly Wednesday.


****Previous Post****

It is time for the seasons to transition. Fall colors give way to the brown-ness of late October and November. It becomes cold enough for our first snow of the season. Whether or not you like the onset of winter, you can make it a lot more fun by entering the First Snowfall Contest. All you have to do is guess when the first inch of snow will fall in Wausau. Last year it came early. Two years prior it was the latest ever in the contest (after Christmas!). Will this year be somewhere in between. We will find out. Don’t miss your chance to win big prizes from the R-stores of Northcentral Wisconsin.

Enter here:

Read the rules here:

Prize List

  • Grand prize: $250 gift card from the R-store plus 52 basic car wash coupons (a one year supply)
  • Second prize: $150 gift card from the R-store
  • Third prize: $100 gift card from the R-store
  • Fourth prize: $50 gift card from the R-store
  • Fifth prize: $25 gift card from the R-store

Consolation prize: Basic car wash coupon.

Winning dates from previous contests:

  • 2017: November 1st
  • 2016: November 22nd
  • 2015: December 28th
  • 2014: October 31st
  • 2013: November 20th
  • 2012: November 24th
  • 2011: November 9th

Meteorologist Justin Loew

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  1. Emily horak says:

    November 15th

  2. James horak says:

    November 17th

  3. I would say November 16, 2018 would be the day of the 1 inch of snow

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