Cool and miserable Fall comes to an end

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The calendar has turned to December, meaning meteorological fall has come to an end. If you ask around, most people will say this fall was “cold and awful”, but it certainly didn’t start off cool.

Charles Anderson, Arpin

The first two and a half weeks of September were more of an extension of summer, as temperatures were generally in the 70s and 80s. Wausau even reached 87 degrees on September 17th, which was our warmest fall day and a new record high for that date. Severe storms rolled through that day and produced some wind damage in Wood and Portage counties. Behind that temps fell to at or below normal readings to finish the month, with our first freeze coming on September 29th. It was a rather wet month as well, with a record 2.52″ falling at the Wausau airport on the 5th. Some places west of Wausau saw over 4 inches of rain that day! A total of 5.53″ of rain fell during the month, 1.63″ above average.

The first ten days of October were a roller coaster temperature-wise, climbing all the way up to 76 on the 3rd of the month. Of course, we had severe storms roll through that day, and one produced an EF-0 tornado in Mattoon. After October 10th, temperatures fell well below normal for the remainder of the month, with highs only in the 40s to low 50s, and lows falling below freezing for a good majority of nights. This killed a lot of the beautiful fall colors that

Bob Von Holdt, Montreal

were reaching their peaks. We had our first measurable snow on October 14th, and a half inch three days later, but besides that the second half of the month dried out compared to the soggy first ten days. The 6.01″ of rain that fell during the month made this the 5th wettest October in Wausau history, and our wettest month of the year. High temperatures ended up 4.5 degrees below normal, after being 1.2 degrees above normal in September.

November was more like a typical February around the area as temperatures were below normal for most of the month. In fact, high temperatures were 8.2 degrees below normal, and even our low temperatures were 4 degrees below normal! Our coldest temperature of the fall occurred on November 18th when our low fell to 6 degrees. This unseasonably cold weather made this past November the 7th coldest in Wausau history. It was a very cloudy month as well, with only two days that were mostly sunny. Flurries fell from those clouds quiet frequently, but only 6.1″ of snow fell during the month, which was .8″ below normal.

Overall, this was Wausau’s 13th coldest fall on record with an average temperature of 43.3 degrees. A total of 13.44″ of rain (including liquid equivalent for snow) fell during the fall months, making this Wausau 7th wettest fall on record. Hopefully next year we will see a bit more sunshine and can enjoy those fall colors for more than a few days.

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