How does this December’s snowfall compare to recent years?

December 30, 2018 0 Comments


It certainly has been a frustrating start to winter for those that enjoy recreational activities that require a good amount of snow on the ground.  Through December 30th, Wausau received just 6.7 inches of snow.  That is well behind the normal of 13.9 inches.  Now it is possible Wausau will pick up an inch or two on  December 31st, but that would still keep the monthly total below average.  So how does this December compare to recent ones?  Check out the list below.

As you will notice, the December 2018 snowfall is the lowest amount of all the years back through 2012.  I don’t have them included on the graphic, but 2011 and 2010 had more snow as well coming in with 8.6 inches and 22.9 inches respectively.  Again, if enough snow falls on Monday December 31st, then we could eclipse the 2011 mark at least.

For you snow lovers out there, I hope we get several nice snowfalls soon!  That goes for the snow plowing professionals who rely on snow for their livelihood.  Hang in there.


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