November Summary….Cold in Wisconsin

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We didn’t have any record low temperatures in Wausau in November but it was consistently colder than average.  There were only a handful of days with above normal readings.  The lowest temperature record in Wausau this November was 6 degrees on the 8th.  Several spots in northern Wisconsin did drop below zero on that morning.  Otherwise the warmest temperature was 47 degrees in Wausau, and that was on the 1st.  That is a far cry from some Novembers, when we routinely hit the 50s with even a few 60s thrown in for good measure.


As it turns out, November 2018 was the 7th coldest November on record for Wausau with a mean temperature of 26.4 degrees.  That is 6.1 degrees below normal.  The Novembers that were colder than this one include:  1896 (26 degrees), 1976 (24.8 degrees), 1995 (24.7 degrees), 2014 (24.3 degrees), 1951 (23.2 degrees), and 1959 (22.8 degrees).  By the way, the high temperatures were more below normal than the low temperatures (8.2 degree departure versus 4.0 degree departure).

Total precipitation was pretty close to normal, just coming up a bit below normal.  We had a lot of days with small amounts of snow.  The heaviest one-day snow came on the 9th when 2.7 inches was reported in Wausau.

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