Top Ten Weather Events of 2018 – 10 through 7

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Before getting into the next weather events in the 2018 top ten list, you might want to check the honorable mentions from yesterday’s blog.

10. A wild week of weather in October. On October 9th we had a record rainfall of 1.72 inches in Wausau (on the next day there was an additional 0.60 inches). We also experienced some severe weather in the southern part of the area on the 9th and 10th.

Mid-October snow in Merrill. Picture by Nikki Koelsch

Just 5 days later on the 14th we had a record snow of a half inch in Wausau. A few spots measured as much as 2 inches. Talk about going from Summer to Winter in a hurry. As recalled in yesterday’s honorable mentions list, we did not have much nice Fall weather. After the record rainfall, temps took a tumble and stayed below normal for most days all the way through early December.

9. With the help of the record rainfall early in the month of October, the month ended up being the 5th wettest October on record in Wausau with a total of 6.01 inches of precipitation. 6 inches of rain does not happen in October very often, but we would have needed almost another 5 inches to break the all-time October record, which is 10.89 inches from 1900. As mentioned in yesterday’s post, all of the clouds and rain made for a unsatisfying Fall color season.¬† Samantha blogged about the dreary Fall weather here. I hope Mother Nature pays us back next year with some sunny 60 to 70 degree days during the first week or two of October.

8. Staying on the same theme, with all of the cold fall weather, November ended up being the 7th coldest on record with an average temperature of 26.4 degrees. Here is Tony’s previous recap of the cold November weather. There was no Indian Summer in October and it got even worse in November. Or maybe it was great – if you wanted to do some early skiing at Granite Peak. They opened on the 17th of the month.¬†Even though it was chilly, November of 2018 would have needed to be another 4 degrees colder to break the all-time record which is 22.8 degrees, set back in 1959. Anytime a month ends up ranking in the top ten of any category, it will usually make it on the year-end list and there are a couple more to come.

Snow was on the ground for the opening of hunting season. Picture by Ryan Wierzba of Shantytown

7. There were hardly any tornadoes in our area. Even though we had a fair number of tornado watches and the total number of tornadoes in the state was much higher than normal, our area was spared.

U.S. Tornado Watches in 2018

There were 35 tornadoes in the state of Wisconsin this year but there was not a whole lot of damage because almost all of the tornadoes were EF1 or EF0. Only one of the tornadoes was EF2. This follows a trend that seems to have developed back in the 1990s. We are having a few more tornadoes in the state but most of them are weak. There hasn’t been an EF4 or EF5 tornado in Wisconsin since 1996. In our viewing area there were only two tornadoes all year (which most people are very happy about). Both of the tornadoes were EF0 and touched down for less than a minute. One was in Waushara county and one was in Shawano county. They both tore a couple of tree branches off the top of a few trees, but that was about it.

If you have any ideas about the top ten weather events in our area this past year, please post them in the comment section below.

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