Top Ten Weather Events of 2018 – 6 Through 4

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We are advancing through the list and the weather events are getting bigger. If you haven’t seen the list up until this point, take a short bit to review the honorable mentions and numbers 10 through 7 that were profiled over the last couple of days.

6. A very wet and record-breaking period of weather in late August through early September. The weather had been getting a little too dry around mid-August, then the rain came back with a vengeance. During the 13 days from August 24th through September 5th, Wausau received 6.49 inches of rain. Included in the total was a record rainfall of 2.52 inches on September 5th and two other days with over an inch. The rainfall in Wausau was remarkable, but it was even more extreme in other parts of the area. On August 27th and 28th between 5 and 11 inches of rain fell in Juneau, Adams, and Waushara counties. By some accounts, 2018 might be the wettest year on record for some parts of Juneau and Adams counties. The run-off from this heavy rain ended up flooding many rivers in southern and southwestern Wisconsin. You can read a recap of the event here. Here is Tony’ recap of August in the blog.

A hot May sunset, taken by Steve Bonderski of Hazelhurst

5. It was quite warm in May. In fact, May of 2018 was the 3rd warmest May on record with an average temp of 63.3. For reference, the warmest May on record occurred in 1977, when the average temperature was 63.9. If you don’t recall it being all that hot, it is probably because the hot weather was concentrated toward the end of the month. There were 6 days in a row that helped boost May of 2018 from being fairly normal to one of the warmest. This stretch of weather occurred from the 24th through the 29th, when high temps in Wausau reached 87, 84, 91, 93, 93, and 89, respectively. The three 90 degree days were all record high temps. It is the first time in Wausau’s history that there were 3 consecutive 90 degree days in May. After a long Winter, people were greeted to an early Summer.

One of the bad storms of mid June. Picture by Jenny from Marshfield.

4. Record rain and flooding in mid-June. For the second consecutive year, June brought excessive rains to northern Wisconsin, including the News9 viewing area. Once again, the Wausau area had one day with record rain, but no serious flooding. The day with the record rain in Wausau was June 15th, when 2.68 inches of rain fell. Over the next 4 days another 1.74 inches of rain fell. The initial rainfall hit hardest in the far north with many locations getting over 5 inches of rain. On the 18th and 19th, around 6 inches of rain was reported in Bancroft. Check out this wrap-up of the floods from Sam’s blog post. The NWS of Duluth will also help jog your memory as to how bad the flooding was in northern Wisconsin.

Meteorologist Justin Loew

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