Mild December comes to a close

January 2, 2019 0 Comments

This December wasn’t one most north central Wisconsinites wanted. After two straight months of well below normal temperatures in October and November, December was well above normal for most of the month. In fact, 24 days this month were above normal, which was more than October and November combined. We also had highs rise above freezing 10 days this month! Wausau’s average high in December was 30.2°, 3.7° above normal. Our low temperatures were mild as well, coming in 7.2° above normal at 18.6°. It wasn’t a record setting month by any means, but it was the 20th warmest in Wausau history.

Credit: Corey Hansen

It was a rather terrible month for snow lovers who were hoping to be on the snowmobile trails and ice rinks by Christmas time. The first two days of the month featured some snow, but only 2.7″ fell in the Wausau area. After that, there were a few lingering flurries for a few days before another inch fell on the 12th, but that quickly melted as much of the following week was above freezing. We also had a handful of days during the middle of the month where Granite Peak snow coated parts of the city. There was a little bit of snow around Christmas, but warm temps and record rainfall of .99″ on the 27th melted away most of the snow that was on the ground. Overall, Wausau had a total of 7″ of snow during the month, which is 6.9″ below normal. Total rain and liquid equivalent of the snow was 1.31″ (-.05″).

Credit: Alisa Couture

We had a few instances of hoar frost across all of north and central Wisconsin, which was probably the prettiest part of December.

Credit: Judy Ehlert

All of us at StormTrack9 hope Wausau gets some snow soon so we can build up our base enough for all winter activities, but the January outlook doesn’t look too promising.

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