Probably our coldest spell of the winter

January 23, 2019 2 Comments


Through January 23rd, the coldest temperature recorded at the Wausau Downtown Airport this winter has been – 8 degrees.  Well we could beat that by almost 10 degrees on various nights over the last part of January, possibly into the first few days of February.  The polar vortex will be wobbling southward at times into the north central United States delivering some true arctic air.  Now that we have more snow on the ground across the region, the cold air won’t modify as quickly as it was earlier this winter.  We probably won’t see any record cold, but it will definitely be harsh at times, especially when the wind is blowing too.

Notice on this GFS computer model prediction for Friday evening January 25th how the jet stream is carving out a huge trough over Canada and much of the United States as the polar vortex pushes south.  In general, the really cold air is able to penetrate into most areas north of where the main upper level jet stream currents are.

The Climate Prediction Center’s 6 to 10-day outlook covering the last few days of January through February 2nd, show the eastern two-thirds in a very high percentage of below normal temperatures.  If you like warmth, it looks like California is the place to head.  I guess this should come as no surprise.  Late January is historically the coldest time of the year on average in our part of the country.

Well, if you haven’t already pull out all the wool clothing, the parkas, heavy boots, mittens, scarves, and warm blankets.  Here is a glimmer of hope for you.  The longer term models show above normal temperatures returning at some point in the first week of February!

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StormTrak9 Meteorologist with WAOW-TV in Wausau, WI. Also the owner of Great Lakes Weather Service, LLC.

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  1. Marilyn Anderson says:

    Greetings Tony from Cypress TX. Your weather info popped up on my computer. How nice to see what I am missing this winter while I am with family in TX. We did have 70* the other day, it was so nice.

    My daughters have interacted with your children. Laura Strebig had Elaine in her daycare, and Melissa Gehrke had Douglas in her second-grade class at Stetsonville.

    Seeing you on the computer takes me back to Medford for a few minutes, I will enjoy Wisconsin this summer, for now, no snow in Cypress, TX. We had thunder, lightning, wind, and rain last nite. Light freeze predicted tonite. Stay warm, Marilyn Anderson

  2. Dave Koch says:

    Lately the temperature and wind chill figures have not been shown for Wausau on your Current Conditions map. Cities and towns around Wausau are all shown, but not Wausau.

    It’s nice to be able to see at a glance how the temperatures and wind chills compare to all our neighbors, but the figures have to be there to do that.

    How about including them again?


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