Breaking All the Snow Records

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My grandparents often mentioned how there was so much snow and cold “back in the day”. You might recall your own older wiser elders telling the story of “walking 5 miles to school uphill both ways through 5 feet of snow”.

Tall tales do tend to grow.

No more exaggerations in the present day. While there were periods of heavy snow and significant cold “back in the day” and the snow did stick around a little longer through the Winter season, it doesn’t compare to some of the snow we have received recently.

You might recall that just a little while back in 2008, we had the snowiest month on record in Wausau. It was in December of that year we had 37.6 inches of snow. You might also recall that just last April (2018) we had the snowiest April on record with 34.5 inches of snow.

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Now we have a new “snowiest” month for the record books. With the 15.7 inches of snow that fell in Wausau yesterday, the total for the month is now up to 35.0 inches, which is a new record. The old record was 34.5 inches set back in 1945. Not only is it the snowiest February on record, we have a good shot at breaking the record for the snowiest month overall. We only need 2.7 inches to break the recrod from December of 2008.

Not only was 15.7 inches a record for February 12th. It was the snowiest calendar day ever in Wausau’s history. The old record was 13.0 inches set on February 5 of 1908 and March 29th of 1924. Just think about that. Hardly anyone alive today (except for those over 95 years old) have seen this much snow in a single day in Wausau. 15.7 inches even ranks in 6th place for all-time (multiple day) snowstorms.

In addition to the snowfall record in Wausau, there were new records in Rhinelander (14.9″), La Crosse (9.0″), and Green Bay (8.8″). The highest unofficial totals in the state were in the range of 18 inches.

In contrast to last April when there was a shot at breaking the all-time seasonal snow record for Wausau, this year we have a long way to go before thinking about that one. So far this season we have 57 inches of snow. The all-time seasonal record is 103.8 inches, set back in 1908/1909. We would have to receive a couple more whopper storms later this month, in March, or in April before getting close to that record.

So is there anything on the horizon? It looks like an inch or two could fall in the area tomorrow. There is a small chance of some light accumulations on Sunday, mainly in the southern part of the area. Otherwise we will have to wait until the last week of the month for anything more significant.

Meteorologist Justin Loew

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