Globally, January 2019 was the 3rd warmest January on record

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While the polar vortex brought some of the coldest weather in decades to our neck of the woods late in the month, this past January was tied with January 2007 for the 3rd warmest January since record keeping began in 1880. The globally averaged land and ocean temperatures in January were 1.58° above the 20th century average of 53.6°. The only Januaries that were warmer were in 2016 (+1.91°) and 2017 (+1.64°). The 10 warmest Januaries have all occurred since 2002.

Credit: National Climatic Data Center


If you want to take the ocean temperature out of the equation, January was the 4th warmest coming in 2.72° above normal. 2016 and 2017 were tied for second warmest, and 2007 was the warmest. Globally, the warmest temperatures were found in Australia, northeastern and southwestern Asia, which were an astounding 7.2° above normal. Dozens of all time January heat records fell in Australia as temperatures rose between 115 – 121° during a prolonged heat wave.

Credit: National Climatic Data Center


Meanwhile, the most notable cold across the globe was found across northern North America, which was 1.8° below normal, the coldest it’s been since 2011. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to any of us since temperatures were 25-35° below normal during the last week of the month around north central Wisconsin with the wind chills approaching -60°.

Wind Chills January 30th

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