April 2019 on pace to be a top ten wettest?

April 14, 2019 1 Comment


Our drenching of snow, sleet, and freezing rain on April 11th in the Wausau area has tipped the scales in favor of a rather wet April before all is said and done.  As of April 14th, 2.44 inches of moisture has been registered at the Wausau Downtown Airport.  That is 1.29 inches above normal for this point in the month.  Normal for the entire month in Wausau is 2.73 inches.

Now consider that we have high confidence in a slow-moving and very moisture laden storm coming through from the 17th to the 19th.  Our current thinking is that around 2 inches of rain could fall, and even a 3 inch total is not out of the question.  If we assume that the more conservative 2 inches falls, that will bring our monthly total up to 4.44 inches.  That would make it the 11th wettest April on record in Wausau.  Now if just over 2.5 inches of rain would fall this week, that would bring our monthly total up to about 5 inches and make it the 3rd wettest April on record.

Of course we will still have another 10 plus days in the month to pile on additional amounts.

Below you will see the top 5 wettest Aprils for Wausau

#1  6.06″ from 1954

#2  5.97″ from 1924

#3  4.99″ from 1973

#4  4.98″ from 1976

#5  4.84″ from 1968

Credit: Carolyn Kleifgen, Medford


April 2018 was very snowy, but probably not as wet as this April

By the way, last April we had an amazing 34.5 inches of snow in Wausau.  However there was not very heavy rainfall for the rest of the month.  As such the monthly precipitation total was 3.23 inches, which did not break into the top 25.

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    Hi, Tony. I would like to know how to get barometric pressure readings in our Wausau area. Thanks!

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