March 2019 Recap

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In early March we had about 25 to 35 inches of snow depth in much of central and northern Wisconsin but by the end of the month that had shrunk to nothing south to about a foot north.  Even with that dramatic melt, it was a cold month.  As you see below in the graphic, temperatures averaged 5.1 degrees below normal in Wausau.   That is pretty dramatic, but it does not quite make a top 25 coldest March for Wausau.

Now the numbers were really skewed down  from the first week of the month when lows were well below zero and highs were in the 0s on several days.  Of course we had a record cold high of 9 degrees on March 3rd, a record cold high of 4 degrees of March 4th, and a record low temperature of -17 degrees on the 4th.

What really accelerated the snow melt was the rainy spell from the 12th through the 14th when about 1.25″ of rain fell in the Wausau area.  Also temperatures stayed well above freezing for about 60 hours straight.  Then of course we had a couple of weeks in the mid to late part of the month with fairly seasonal temperatures and plenty of sunshine.  That was definitely nice!

The snowfall total for the month was 6.7″, which is 3.3″ below normal.  Otherwise precipitation was 1.65″ which is slightly below normal.   I hope you enjoyed March and are ready for all that April will throw at us!

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StormTrak9 Meteorologist with WAOW-TV in Wausau, WI. Also the owner of Great Lakes Weather Service, LLC.

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  1. Joanne Gruber says:

    Hi Tony, My family lives in Wausau area, but I live in Alabama. I’m trying to find out what the total snowfall for the winter of 2018-2019 has been. I’m thinking it may have been one of the heaviest snow winters ever. Do you have the numbers? Thanks, Joanne

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