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June 2, 2019 2 Comments


Well after a chilly Spring in Wisconsin perhaps you are hoping the heat turns up some for June.  Certainly it will be warmer than May but how will it compare to normal?

The Climate Prediction Center is projecting no strong temperature signal either way for Wisconsin.   Meanwhile they suggest warmer than normal conditions from northern Minnesota west across the Northern Rockies into the Pacific Northwest.  Also it could be warmer than normal around Florida and much of Alaska.  The CPC has highlighted the area from Kansas to Texas and New Mexico with increased odds of being cooler than normal.


As far as precipitation goes the CPC is indicating a long strip of below normal amounts from North Dakota to far northern Wisconsin all the way to New England.  It should be noted that the chance of it being drier than normal in northern Wisconsin is only about 30% according to their forecast.   Above normal rainfall is expected in much of the Southern Plains as well as southeast Alaska.

We certainly have to be on our toes in terms of severe weather in June.  It normally is the peak month for damaging thunderstorm winds, large hail, and tornadoes in Wisconsin.  However in certain summers, the peak gets shifted into July.  We’ll have to wait and see how it transpires.

No matter what transpires for temperature and rainfall there is one thing we can count on in June….long daylight hours!   We have well over 15 hours of it each day to enjoy.  What a great time it is for you early risers and those who like to be out late in the evening strolling around, being in your yard, or fishing.

Hope you have a great month!

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StormTrak9 Meteorologist with WAOW-TV in Wausau, WI. Also the owner of Great Lakes Weather Service, LLC.

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  1. Liz says:

    When will we get some relief from the mosquitos? I live near national forest and it’s unbearable to be outside. I was breathing them in they were so thick around me.

  2. Dan Dieterich says:

    I’m concerned about climate change. I understand that the lower 48 states have had more precipitation in the past year than in any time in recorded history. In recent years, Wisconsin has seen several “100-year” and even “500-year” flooding events. Wisconsin farmers can’t get into their fields, so crop yields are expected to decline.

    Many houses have been flooded. Mine doesn’t have a basement, but I was forced to buy a submersible sump pump and a long hose to keep our first floor from flooding. The time has come to tell Congress to put a price on carbon in order to reduce the carbon dioxide pollution that’s causing this climate crisis.

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