Late summer heat surge

August 11, 2019 0 Comments


No doubt some of you have had your fill of warm, sticky days already and would prefer it to stay cooler in the 70s for the rest of summer.  On the other hand those of you who enjoy swimming and mild late evening strolls are probably hoping for some more heat.  There are a lot of field crops, vegetables, and fruits that need a good deal of heat yet to push them to maturity before frost hits.

The Climate Prediction Center’s 6 to 10 day outlook for the period of August 17th to August 21st certainly looks warm in Wisconsin.  They are projecting a 70% chance of warmer than normal temperatures in our area.  In fact they have strong odds of being warmer than normal from the Desert Southwest clear up to the Great Lakes.   Just parts of the northwest United States are expected to be a bit cooler than normal.  The CPC 8 to 14 day outlook still has Wisconsin in the warmer than normal pattern.  Since our normal high temperatures are in the upper 70s this time of the year, we will likely have plenty of days in the 80s with dew points in the 60s.  It is entirely possible that there will be a day or two where we climb to 90 degrees as well.

So for all the students  that will be back in sports practices and marching band rehearsals, and construction workers, and so on….be prepared to sweat it out and be prepared to drink plenty of fluids.

Rainfall is forecast to be slightly above normal in Wisconsin as well from August 17th to August 21st.  The extra amount will likely come from a few periods of heavier showers or thunderstorms.  The CPC thinks drier than usual conditions could prevail from around Colorado east to Washington D.C. and New York City.  Stay tuned for updates!




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